To Grandmother's House We Go

IMDb 5.9 96 min
Comedy, Adventure, Family
Mary Kate Olsen, Ashley Olsen, J Eddie Peck, Rhea Perlman, Stuart Margolin, Cynthia Geary, Jerry Van Dyke, Rick Poltaruk
Jeff Franklin
United States
7.5 / 33 times
Shortly before Christmas, rambunctious five-year-old twin sisters Julie and Sarah overhear their tired, over-worked mother Rhonda tell a friend that her daughters are sometimes a handful and that she wishes she could have a vacation. The twins, now feeling guilty about giving their mom such a hard time by frequently fighting and competing with each other, decide to give their mom a vacation by spending the holidays with their great-grandmother. The only problem is that she lives quite far away and the young twins don't know how to get there! The well-meaning twins pack a bag and sneak out. Along the way, they run into Eddie, a delivery guy who has a crush on the twins' mom. But before he can drive the girls back home to their worried mother, his delivery truck, containing valuable Christmas parcels, is stolen by two middle-aged robbers - who don't know that there are two children sitting in the back of the truck! Now the police is looking for the missing Thompson twins as well as for the stolen truck and the robbers. With the help of Eddie, Rhonda sets out to get her daughters back herself - but may end up just making matters worse. Meanwhile, Julie and Sarah have yet to abandon their plan of reaching their great-grandma's house in time for Christmas celebrations...